Our students are at the heart of everything that we do...

Deciding on the school where your son feels he belongs is likely to be one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.
At Trinity, we understand – and don't treat this decision-making lightly.

Our students are at the heart of everything that we do. Entrusted to us by their parents, we are here to encourage boys to be the best they can be and find genuine fulfilment, happiness and security in their lives. It is our intention that when they complete their education here, they will be confident, caring and giving young men – or what we call – Men for Others.

Trinity has a clear vision to continue to be a leader in boys' education in the Edmund Rice tradition. Our teachers are ever striving to ensure every Trinity boy receives a high quality education. As well as that, we provide ample learning opportunities and experiences that will be relevant to future careers and life beyond the College.

When your son joins us your whole family is welcomed into the Trinity community, so as you walk through our grounds, I hope you get a sense of our strong 'TC Spirit'.

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...boys thrive in an all-boys environment...

Inspiring Minds Since 1894

Trinity College's rich history began in 1894, when Bishop Matthew Gibney and Brother Ambrose Treacy founded Christian Brothers' College at 1 St Georges Terrace in Perth.

From the beginning, both boarders and day students were enrolled, but as the business section of the city expanded, the site became increasingly unsuitable as a boarding school. In 1938, the boarders were transferred to Mount Henry in Manning – the beginning of Aquinas College.

CBC (Perth) continued at the St Georges Terrace site as a school for day students only. In 1962 staff and students were transferred to the College's present East Perth location, situated on the banks of the Swan River and the school was renamed Trinity College.

In 1968 Trinity became a member of the Public Schools' Association of Western Australia.

In 1994, after a century of dedicated service by the Brothers to CBC and Trinity, a lay Headmaster, Mr Anthony Curtis, was appointed. The College now operates with an entirely lay staff.

The school owes much of its current success to the tremendous work of the Christian Brothers who have modelled their life and work on the Blessed Edmund Rice who founded the Christian Brothers in 1802 in Waterford, Ireland.

During the 200 years since Edmund Rice began his work, a strong tradition of generosity, hard work, dedication to youth, care for the disadvantaged, excellence in education and an active interest in all aspects of student life, has been developed and maintained at Trinity College.


Developing the Whole Boy
...Making the Man

The wellbeing of your son is a responsibility we take seriously. Pastoral care is ingrained in every part of Trinity life as we develop the whole boy, so that he builds resilience and reaches his full potential. It means guiding him so that he builds good relationships, faces challenges and becomes an integral part of his community.

This happens with Trinity's unique continuity of care framework which ensures that each student and his family has dedicated staff members to speak to who are familiar with their journey at the College.

Trinity's wellbeing and pastoral care program continues to evolve to suit our changing world. Our Director of Student Services oversees the entire spectrum of the program, and in particular, the wellbeing and mental health of our young men.

New initiatives are continually being incorporated so that Trinity's young men are being guided to develop skills to be happy, resilient, independent and confident Men for Others who will make a difference in the community.

The cultivation of compassionate care was the fundamental hallmark that distinguished the educational culture created by Edmund Rice and the first generation of Christian Brothers – and it is a hallmark that continues to distinguish Trinity College today.

Our Four Pillars ...nurturing a Boy's Spirit, Mind, Creativity and Body

At Trinity College, educating your son is much more than academics – it is about nurturing the spirit, the mind, the creativity in him and developing a healthy body. Our goal is to see each boy be the best he can be, lead a fulfilling life and be active and responsible citizens of the future.


Our spiritual dimension gives students a broad range of faith experiences including Christian service, retreats, cultural immersions and pilgrimages and religious education. Students explore and understand different aspects of religion and have many opportunities to apply that understanding to real-life situations, empowering them to become Men for Others.


Our professional and dedicated teachers challenge and motivate each boy to achieve his academic potential whether that be a tertiary or non-tertiary pathway. As well as studying the traditional core subjects, boys can experience a rotation of exciting elective subjects that provides for the interests and academic needs of every boy.


Our boys learn about and experience culture through total immersion, under expert instruction, in the Visual and Performing Arts; which include vocal, instrumental, dance and drama performance. Students can explore their creative side, stimulate their imagination and extend themselves in many ways in a safe and comfortable environment.

(Healthy Body)

Building a healthy body is more than involvement in sport. It builds valuable life skills: team work, cooperation, communication and the ability to strive for success against difficulties. At Trinity, each boy is encouraged to be the best he can be, to set high goals and standards, to acknowledge the efforts of others and to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

Experiencing culture through total immersion

Realising his Full Potential

Whether your son requires academic support or if his mind requires extending, he will be identified and catered for at Trinity.

Trinity's Inclusive Education provides equity and consideration for those students who may require additional support, for those who require extension and for those who may have medical conditions that are a barrier to their learning.

Each student who is supported by our Inclusive Education Department has a wide-ranging team around them. This team creates a management plan for each boy, identifying his needs and developing solutions to help him achieve his very best and maximise his potential.

Educational Learning Support

  • The work of the Inclusive Education team begins long before he attends the College. Ensuring resources, staff and support classes are properly allocated, are paramount to a successful transition for students who need extra support.
  • Once a student who needs learning support has successfully transitioned into his Trinity education, an individual development plan will be put into place tailored to his needs.
  • So that your son can realise his potential, we will strive to give him opportunities to shine.

Gifted & Talented

  • While a range of subject-specific extension opportunities are offered by the College's different learning faculties, the role of the Gifted & Talented Program is to provide cross-curricular academic extension that reaches beyond the traditional core subject areas.
  • If your son needs to be inspired and challenged academically, he will be provided with extension and enrichment to suit his ability, maturity and individual strengths.
  • We aim to encourage him so that he wants to take the reins and engage in his passions and challenges beyond the traditional school curriculum.
  • Boys are nurtured so that they develop a true love of learning through an immersion in a broad range of multi-disciplinary academic experiences.

Growing Beyond Their Comfort Zone

In society today, it is easy to develop a sense of self-importance and to lose sight of what is happening in the world around you.

At Trinity, we encourage students to look beyond themselves and start to think "What can I do for others?" This perspective allows for the development of an attitude that will stand the boys in good stead for the rest of their days and is the key to developing each of them as Men for Others.

  • All our students participate in Christian Service projects that will challenge them to grow into young men who are committed to building a more just society.
  • They are invited to respond to people who are in need, through face-to-face encounters, which respect and honour the dignity of all.
  • We engage students in experiences that encourage them to become compassionate young men – becoming aware of the needs of others and acting to alleviate those needs – doing what is right rather than doing what is popular!
  • They are guided to challenge themselves to grow beyond their comfort zones, develop relationships with different types of people and encouraged to make sacrifices of time, energy and resources to help others.

At Trinity, we feel a sense of pride and joy knowing that our men, young and old, are taught and encouraged to look at the world differently and work with others to make it a better place.

…our men, young and old, are taught to look at the world differently…

A Campus that has it All

Trinity College is situated in East Perth next to the WA Cricket Ground with the waters of the beautiful Swan River lapping at our doorstep and just a stone's throw from the Perth CBD. The College is also blessed with a fabulous public transport network around it.

The East Perth campus boasts many state of the art facilities, such as the highly acclaimed Curtis Aquatic Centre, the Brockwell Observatory, the Br PL O'Doherty Cultural Centre, the Treacy Technology Centre and the PL Duffy Library. To add to this list, some of the many new features in the new Sports Centre are an abseiling wall, retractable seating and beautiful river views.

When boys need to let off steam and get some exercise they are spoilt for choice, with the Carrigg Court undercover area, Centenary Park and Mann Oval getting plenty of action at recess, lunch and before and after school.

The Chapel is the spiritual heart of the College. This most interesting and significant building, with its circular shape, was designed with the altar in the centre, giving every person an uninterrupted view with greater feeling of involvement. To take a virtual tour of our campus, please click here.

Becoming Involved

When your son joins us, your whole family is welcomed into the Trinity community and there are so many ways for a family to become a part of the Trinity College community.

Parental involvement is encouraged at Trinity and one of the ways that parents enjoy being involved in their son's education is by joining one of our 'Friends of' groups. From our Friends of Music to our Friends of Rowing, there are many groups that offer plenty of opportunity for involvement and fun.

Another option is the College Auxiliary, which is a long-standing institution at Trinity College, proudly continuing the tradition of providing practical support at the many events held at the College each year. However, more than that, the Auxiliary provides a wonderful opportunity to become involved in College life, to develop friendships with other parents and attend special events.

The Parent Council is Trinity's representative advisory body through which parents can help the College fulfil its educational responsibilities and assist with the development of a community of parents, teachers and students. The sense of camaraderie and the benefits of making good friends and having fun, makes involvement in this parent group a wonderful experience.

Families are a valued part of our community

Our Old Boys
…Keeping the Spirit Alive

Trinity boys have the advantage of being inspired by generations of Old Boys who are effective and good community leaders – Men for Others. In time, your son, too, will be welcomed into that group of Old Boys – the Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association, otherwise known as TOBA.

Old Boys are actively involved in the day-to-day life of Trinity College and they proudly serve as the integral conduit between past students of CBC Perth and Trinity College today. TOBA men are also part of significant school events and it is wonderful to see Old Boys and students sharing a story, knowing that they have a special connection.

In addition to maintaining the connection between past students, TOBA provides support and sponsorship to Old Boys and their families in the form of student bursaries. These bursaries support the sons or grandsons of Old Boys who, due to financial constraints, would not otherwise be in a position to afford a Trinity College education.

TOBA men continue to represent an institution of generosity, inclusiveness, excellence and community for all and support Trinity College in achieving its goal in providing a holistic, quality Catholic education and empowering its students to be Men for Others. The Old Boys' Association was established at CBC in 1902 and continued on after CBC relocated to East Perth and was renamed Trinity College in 1962.

The bond that is a lifetime connection

...happy, resilient, independent and confident Men for Others...

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