Growing Beyond Their Comfort Zone

In society today, it is easy to develop a sense of self-importance and to lose sight of what is happening in the world around you.

At Trinity, we encourage students to look beyond themselves and start to think "What can I do for others?" This perspective allows for the development of an attitude that will stand the boys in good stead for the rest of their days and is the key to developing each of them as Men for Others.

  • All our students participate in Christian Service projects that will challenge them to grow into young men who are committed to building a more just society.
  • They are invited to respond to people who are in need, through face-to-face encounters, which respect and honour the dignity of all.
  • We engage students in experiences that encourage them to become compassionate young men – becoming aware of the needs of others and acting to alleviate those needs – doing what is right rather than doing what is popular!
  • They are guided to challenge themselves to grow beyond their comfort zones, develop relationships with different types of people and encouraged to make sacrifices of time, energy and resources to help others.

At Trinity, we feel a sense of pride and joy knowing that our men, young and old, are taught and encouraged to look at the world differently and work with others to make it a better place.