Becoming Involved

When your son joins us, your whole family is welcomed into the Trinity community and there are so many ways for a family to become a part of the Trinity College community.

Parental involvement is encouraged at Trinity and one of the ways that parents enjoy being involved in their son's education is by joining one of our 'Friends of' groups. From our Friends of Music to our Friends of Rowing, there are many groups that offer plenty of opportunity for involvement and fun.

Another option is the College Auxiliary, which is a long-standing institution at Trinity College, proudly continuing the tradition of providing practical support at the many events held at the College each year. However, more than that, the Auxiliary provides a wonderful opportunity to become involved in College life, to develop friendships with other parents and attend special events.

The Parent Council is Trinity's representative advisory body through which parents can help the College fulfil its educational responsibilities and assist with the development of a community of parents, teachers and students. The sense of camaraderie and the benefits of making good friends and having fun, makes involvement in this parent group a wonderful experience.